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Welcome to P.A. Schopen & Associates

Our Guiding Principles

For over two decades now, I have been providing financial advice to a very special group of investors and their families. When I founded P.A. Schopen & Associates in 2001, it was with the purpose of continuing to offer these investors the advice they needed, but with an even higher level of care, and with the objectivity that accompanies independence. While P.A. Schopen & Associates has the skill and capabilities to help guide virtually any investor, we have a special commitment to investors who have dedicated their professional lives to ensure the health and well being of our communities. We are honored to serve the educators, firefighters, and police officers of our communities, as well as our local charities and their donors.

As an independent advisor, I offer my clients a personalized and objective investment strategy, not a cookie cutter portfolio filled with expensive, proprietary products. My partnership with Raymond James means that I am never influenced to do anything that is not in my client's best interest – no sales quotas, financial incentives or other pressures. This allows me to make the most appropriate choice for each client, rather than being tied to what serves the interest of any company.

At P.A. Schopen & Associates, our goal is not to see how big we can get, but rather, how small we can stay.  We don't believe in spending time or money on marketing to the masses. Rather, we prefer to build our private client group organically through thoughtful introductions by our current clients. It's the best compliment we could be offered, and confirms for us that we're giving our clients the service they expect and deserve.