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Our Charitable Partners Program

Born of a desire to help strengthen our local communities, P.A. Schopen & Associates offers a program that provides charitably conscious investors a way to meet their future investment needs, while contributing to the growth and well-being of a charitable or non-profit organization. It's a simple way to help make a big difference - with no added cost to our clients.

When an investor has assets managed by advisors at P.A. Schopen & Associates, we can donate a portion of the net management fee to a charitable organization. The investor has the option of choosing one of the charitable organizations we have already established a relationship with, or one of their own.

There is no added cost or effort to our clients who take part in this invaluable program.  While the investor retains full custody of his or her assets, the donation comes directly from P.A. Schopen & Associates.  There is also no added cost to the charitable organization that takes part in The Charitable Partners Program.  The donations are made on a quarterly basis either in the name of the investor, or anonymously.  Thus, P.A. Schopen & Associates establishes an ongoing revenue stream for the charity while providing quality professional investment services for the client. 

At P.A. Schopen & Associates, we understand your heartfelt desire to contribute to the well-being of your community.  Without the support of community conscious individuals, the charitable and non-profit organizations that provide our communities the means to grow would surely cease to exist. The Charitable Partners Program provides a way for investors to help charities and non-profit organizations receive the ongoing support they need to continue their cause.  What better way for investors to give something back to their communities while building wealth and creating an independent financial future for themselves.