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Our Process

Our six step investment planning process begins with discovering your goals, risk tolerances, and expectations, and ends in the creation of a customized investment portfolio designed to meet your needs.

Discovery Phone Interview -  A 10-15 minute phone visit with you allows for us to initially evaluate the potential for an advisor-client relationship. 

Discovery Meeting - We learn more about one another in order to determine if it is in our mutual interests to form a positive, long term advisor-client relationship.  The purpose of this meeting is to gather as much information about one another as possible. We share the benefits of our investment planning process with you.  In turn, you share with us your investment goals, risk tolerances, expectations, and other views and opinions with respect to investing.

Analysis - The information shared in the discovery meeting is reviewed by the advisor, our associates, and you to determine if an advisory relationship would be beneficial for all. If a good match is agreed upon, we develop a comprehensive investment plan for you that conforms to our mutual guidelines.

Strategy Meeting - We meet a second time to formally invite you to become clients of P.A. Schopen and Associates. We present and review the customized investment plan that we have designed for you. The plan will be globally diverse, innovative, and employ management strategies designed to enhance returns, lower risks and reduce costs.

Implement - We complete and sign the documents needed for account creation, transfer of assets, advisory agreement, etc. With your consent, we'll complete the necessary purchases to launch your investment plan, putting your money into action. We'll keep you informed as each step is completed. 

Review - We'll continually monitor your portfolio and consult with you regularly. Quarterly reviews, two of which are in person, ensures that your portfolio and investment plan meets your stated goals, and also with our expectations of one another.