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Why We Are Different

P.A. Schopen & Associates

At P.A. Schopen & Associates, our goal is not to see how big we can get, but rather, how small we can stay. We seek to invite into our practice investors who meet a minimum amount of assets for management, and who desire prudent, realistic and efficient investment plans which are focused on long-term success.

Like most serious investors, our clients place a high value on investment advice based on broad and deep research. Since many of our clients devote a large amount of time to their families, careers or retirement, and charitable activities, they benefit from the ongoing professional portfolio management that our professionals and our strategic partners can provide.

Recognizing the importance of well-informed investors, we make every effort to educate all clients about the complexities of investing, while encouraging reasonable expectations of investment results.

We are dedicated to the success of our clients through quality planning and thoughtful advice. We assist clients in mapping action plans designed so they may reach their financial goals. We focus on each client's complete financial picture, from planning for retirement to passing assets on to heirs.

Perhaps most importantly, P.A. Schopen & Associates offers an inspirational program, called the "Charitable Partners Program." Through this exciting program, we provide charitably conscious investors a plan designed to meet their investment needs, while contributing to the growth and well-being of a charitable or non-profit organization of their choosing. And there is no extra cost or effort by the client. Please visit our Charitable Partners Program link for more details